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Daniel Menche: Vilke Cassette Tape + DVD

Daniel Menche: Vilke Cassette Tape + DVD
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SIGE Records 2013
Edition of 50 copies.
Cassette and DVD
Oversized tape box, with hand sewn booklets, and a hi-def video by Daniel Menche using paintings by Faith Coloccia. 

Track Listing:
  • • Part 1
  • • Part 2
  • • Part 3
  • • Part 4


  • Vilke Video

Vilké: of Lithuanian origin, a word for the female wolf. 

An avid and voracious hiker, Menche found great inspiration in the beautiful lament of howling wolves during his overnight expeditions; and ultimately chose these sounds as the core sonic elements for Vilké. By layering and distending wolves voices, a choir of howls was constructed - a massive sound wall colliding with layers of poly-rhythmic drums, abstracted guitar and piano.

“(Menche) eschews classification as a noise artist, and while many of his techniques suggest similarities to musicians who work within that realm, he works within specific structures, with a meticulous sense of the relationships between sounds and the overall development of a piece”
- Dusted

“(Menche’s) honed style thrives on subtleties, crescendos, sublimation, and locomotive transformation. One can easily become immersed in his web of carefully sculpted sound hip-gnosis.” 
- Tiny Mix Tapes

“...proof of Menche’s uncanny talent for mutating common sounds into tracks that are dizzyingly unworldly. A tour of his universe is unlike any other and well worth the time and attention invested in attentive listening.”

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