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Various Artists: Pickle Patch: Live Shows '97-'99 CD

Various Artists: Pickle Patch: Live Shows '97-'99 CD
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Track Listing:
  1. Creeper Lagoon "Keep From Moving (Coda) & Dear Dearly"
  2. St. James Infirmary  "Heavy Handed Down"
  3. Disembodied  "Forget Me"
  4. Blue Ontario  "Halo"
  5. Atom & His Package "Punk Rock Academy"
  6. Sawpit "Kidnapped Souls"
  7. Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L "They Shall Not Pass"
  8. The Third Sex "Go Away"
  9. Butch Bowen "True Hardcore Brothers"
  10. Former Members of Alfonsin "Let Us Pretend"
  11. Fury 66 "Change Is..."
  12. Planes Mistaken For Stars "Division"
  13. Shane Smith "Change"
  14. Dynamic Seven "Jodo Kast"
  15. Submission Hold "Last Surviving Crocodile"
  16. Uphallow "Excerpt from Imaginary Life"
  17. I Wish I "Idioglossta"
  18. Thethrones "Easter Woman"
  19. No Knife "Rebuilding Jericho"
  20. Scarab "Things Change"
  21. Give Until Gone "You've Never Deserved This"
  22. Most Secret Method "Hesitation"

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